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★ 219 °· Too lazy to think of a subject...

All my life I never know why I'm a kind of person who just don't know how to keep a journal and post on said journal daily. I just don't. It's either I'm too lazy, or my life is just that boring, it's not worth telling or remembering.

Oh whatever XD

On the other hand, my baby will be 4 months old in 2 days :D She's still a bit thin and small for her age D: I hope she gains more weight and stays healthy. I can't help but worry about her lots of times. As you might know, this is my very first time of keeping pet. I just want the best for her...

She's pretty, no ♥? I can only take pictures using my cellphone, and it doesn't do her justice, seriously.


KPop fandom doesn't really interest me lately, so I'm going back to downloading Arashi variety shows and LOL-ing over their ghei dorkiness. I love them. So much.

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★ 218 °· It's all over, or is it?

I hope you're fucking happy, netizens.

I hope you're satisfied because you've taken a family member, a brother, a comrade, a friend, a leader, from the group. And you've taken hopes and dreams of a person. If you think you're that high and mighty, then GTFO your computers and get a fucking life.

Still feeling numb.

And I still hope that someone will do something and convince him to stay.

No one can replace you, Park Jaebum ♥
Inception - Buy the Airline [we_are_para

★ 216 °· I should be sleeping now -_-

monomane@tumblr. Tell me yours? :3

☆ Remember back then when I bitched about my country being banned from an Arashi subbing community? They now re-opened membership for my country. YAY! \o/

THIS? Ate most of my braincells, a little of my sanity, and a little common sense I had left *cries* I have no words, seriously. Seulong... I never thought that you're the second gayest member of One Day *sobs* Um...EYELINERS, guys. Need I say more? Also, Kwon is the gayest thing on this planet. And Chansung is a lot prettier than what they give him credit for.

☆ I've begun to read Super Junior fanfics again *sighs*

☆ I'm changing my layout again soon. Now I want to do it in smaller frame and with softer tones.

☆ Okay, I'm going to sleep now.
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★ 215 °· All hail the King (of Dorks)!!!


I can't even begin to explain why I love you so much lately.
You, who are so dorky, creepy, inappropriate, and fail fail fail.
Anytime I see or read something with you in it, I always end up on the floor, rolling around like a lunatic.
You always make my day brighter.
Please don't ever change, for the world needs all the laugh it could get.
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★ 214 °· Willing to go down with this ship. Seriously.

I know you've probably seen this pic a thousand times in your f-list, but do I look like I care? Nah.


Keep the pretty smile (and the Donghae), bb :D

Oh, and for all Moslems in my f-list,

Happy Ramadhan~
May this blessed month bring us lots of good things and may Allah accept our deeds.
Be strong in your fasting and don't forget to take a good care of yourself ♥
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★ 213 °· My life...

Oh, and before that, a meme stolen from freedomthisway. I think it's about whether or not I've been a bad kid, or something. What amused me the most is that I scored only half of what she did. I've never consider myself that good of a person, really. I just find that a bad reputation would only disadvantage me on most matters.

Collapse )

So, my dad is all better now, although he's still not allowed to drive a car and working for too long. Well, I think I can be relieved now. I just want him to take better care of himself so this won't happen again in the future. There's nothing I want more than the health and happiness of my family members. It's the most important thing, afterall.

On fandom...

I'm really sorry that I've been inactive at any LJ-related stuff lately. I feel sort of bored with KPop fandom. Lately there's only trouble and boring news, and hate memes. And I didn't come to the fandom for that. I find myself lacking the...enthusiasm I used to have over it. Not even on Super Show II (not that I don't want to watch the DVD once it comes out) or the latest Genie performance by Taemin, Key, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and MC Mong (although I have to admit that it was a freaking fabulous performance, for lack of better word). And I'm worried for Taemin and Key's future, LOL.

Honestly, what I'm doing in fandom now is just downloading Arashi stuffs (the only boyband that will never fail to amuse me, ever) and reading long Harry Potter crossover fics. Is it just me or is every Harry Potter fic that has been crossover-ed with Twilight turning out to be disgustingly...oh, I don't even know the word for it. I just know that the language used in those fics makes me want to hurl into the toilet. Ugh... If I have to read about how 'inhumanly pretty' the Cullens are or how 'devastatingly handsome' Edward Cullen is, I'm going to kill the nearest person. And I haven't even read Twilight at all.

Oh, but I've come across a wicked Harry Potter/Gundam Wing fic. The best I've ever read, hands down. As I read it, I realized how much I missed the Gundam Wing boys. It is, afterall, my first fandom (and my first yaoi/slash fandom). The fic is titled Harry Potter and the Secret Link. If you are into Harry Potter and Gundam Wing, you should give it a try.
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★ 212 °· Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.

Pay no attention to the title. I'm just weirdly obsessed to Chuck Norris facts lately and can't stop viewing this website over and over again. It provides me with daily random LOLs. And I need those LOLs, damnit.

I called Mom earlier today, and talked to Dad too. The clot that blocks the blood flow to Dad's brain is not on major artery, so the brain still gets plenty of blood from other sources. That's why Dad is feeling like usual, but he's only allowed to lie down for this whole week. He's not allowed to sit up, stand up, or doing any activities at all while he's taking medicines to break that clot. He said he's okay, just really really bored. I'm a little relieved to hear that. IDK if I'm being paranoid, but I still can't relax until he's back and doing his things normally again.

To those who commented and gave me support on my last post. Thank you so much, you guys. ILU SO FUCKING MUCH *glomps forever* ♥♥♥♥♥

On the other note, LOL-ing at this. Nice try, leader-sshi. About a fucking millenium late, maybe, but yeah, better late than never. IDG why people are praising him for it, though. It's his job from the start as the leader of Super Junior. Whatever. Not caring.

Also, THIS!!! That is my current favorite YT video. Kyuhyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn ♥♥♥♥♥ And Ryeowook. OMG, he's so precious with his crack dance. It somehow reminds me of movie!Ryeowook XDDD
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★ 211 °·

Mom just called me about 2 hours ago. Apparently Dad got admitted into a hospital. Mom told me that yesterday, after attending a wedding, he felt dizzy and had a headache too. A friend of his suggested that he go to the hospital for a check up. The CT-scan showed that there's some kind of clot slowing the blood flow to his brain, IDK how bad though. It was suggested that he stays in hospital for a while and takes a week off his work.

When mom called earlier, dad spoke to me too. He sounds okay, but I'm still worried. These past months he had been extremely busy. He works at the hospital from 8am to 3am, then he take about an hour of sleep before going to work in his own clinic again until about 9.30pm (oh, he's a dermatologist, BTW). I kept telling him to cut off the amount of his patients in his clinic and get more rest, but he always says that it's okay. IDK about his eating habit but I think it's not that healthy either.

I hope he gets better soon ;_____;
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★ 210 °· This needs to stop, srsly

Finally, a new layout. I've been keeping the spring-themed one for way too long.

So, about this layout. I've been wanting to use this layout by spire for so long, but I only realized yesterday that it's using the colors for my country flag. That's why I made a simple, somewhat lame header to accompany it. I choose this layout because of the upcoming Independence Day of my country on August 17, exactly a month from now and for the spirit of last presidential election, which took place 10 days ago. I regret it so much that I couldn't put my vote in. Don't ask why, remembering it just makes me want to destroy something, preferably the person who caused it >:|

As you might have know, bomb attacks hit Jakarta yesterday. One in JW Marriot Hotel and the other on in Ritz Carlton Hotel. My condolences to those who happened to be direct victims of the bombings.

I feel so...IDK, upset maybe, that this is happening just shortly after the election and just a month before the country's anniversary. Seriously, you terrorists, what do you have against this country huh? You think you're doing something good to this country and to yourself, think again >:/ You might have changed something, but not for good. Of course there are always many...speculations surrounding ever single terrorist attack in this country, so I don't want to blame any side. But one thing for sure, anyone who did this doesn't want peace or maybe has a twisted sense of peace, whatever. I hate when this happened, because a lot of people would blame our country in general, when the fact is our country is the one which suffered the most.